Ending the Tenancy

We should also remind you that you must give a minimum or 14 days written notice should you wish to vacate upon expiry of your tenancy agreement. VERBAL NOTICE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Form 13 - which is a notice of intention to leave, if you wish to fill it out. When vacating, please ensure the following:

a. All rent is paid up to your vacating date
b. All keys are returned to the office. This is important as otherise rent will continue to accrue until all keys are returned to the office.
c. The property and yard are left lcean and tidy.
d. Carpets have been professionally steam cleaned and a receipt has been provided.
e. If pets have been kept on the property at any time a pest and flea treatment must have been carried out by a professional company and a receipt provided.
f. Notification of your forwarding address to enable prompt return of your bond.

Only after you have completely vacated and attended to all of the above can a final inspection be carried out. If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact your property manager who will be more than happy to assist. You are also quite welcome to be present at the inspection, so please call to arrange.

NOTE: Should you vacate the property prior to the expiry of your lease the above still applies, however please be aware that you are responsible for the payment of rent up until your lease expires or a new tenancy commences. In addition you will have to pay a re-letting fee, which is equal to one (1) week's rent plus GST. (see Condition 27 of Annexure A).