The purpose of inspections is to advise the landlord of the condition of their property and how it is being maintained. You will be given the opportunity to advise us of any repairs or maintenance you feel is needed.

Initial Inspection
Upon the commencement of your lease, we will complete an inspection and full condition report which you will be given the opportunity to check this, add to it and return it to us within 3 business days. We refer to this report at the end of the tenancy. It is therefore in your best interest to read through the condition report thoroughly, provide comments to us within the timeframe listed on the condition report, and ensure you retain a copy in a safe place. Please note your report is worth your bond.

Periodic Inspection
We carry out regular inspections of the proeprty, usually every four (4) months. You will be issued with notice of these inspections and we encourage you to be there to discuss any problems affecting your tenancy or contact us prior to the inspection to discuss any issues, if you can't make it or you have any pet/s please contact your property manager immeditaly to arrange another time, if not we will use our office keys.

Final Inspection
Final inspections are conducted at the end of the lease term or upon vacating.  The final inspection report is closely checked with the condition report completed during the initial inspection to ensure that there has been no damage (exception of wear and tear) and that no fixtures have been removed.